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Failure of a Rotation Control Gamma 3 Lag Screw Used to Treat a Trochanteric Fracture

Choi K, Kim Y, Zhou S, Hwang J

  • Hip Pelvis.
  • 2018 Jun;30(2):129-133.
  • doi: 10.5371/hp.2018.30.2.129
Gamma 3 rotation control lag screws (U-blade) are particularly useful when treating rotational and unstable fractures of the proximal femur. A 93-year-old woman who underwent closed reduction of a trochanteric...
Femoral Nerve Palsy due to Noninfectious Iliopsoas Bursitis and Hematoma after Total Hip Arthroplasty: A Case Report

Seo JS, Youm JW, Kim SM

  • Hip Pelvis.
  • 2018 Jun;30(2):125-128.
  • doi: 10.5371/hp.2018.30.2.125
Femoral nerve palsy after total hip arthroplasty is an uncommon complication. We present a case report of delayed-onset femoral nerve palsy associated with iliopsoas hematoma and bursitis 10 years after...
Subchondral Bone Restoration of Supra-acetabular Brown Tumor Secondary to Parathyroid Carcinoma: A Case Report

Park YJ, Yoon TR, Park KS, Ko JW

  • Hip Pelvis.
  • 2018 Jun;30(2):120-124.
  • doi: 10.5371/hp.2018.30.2.120
The causes of osteolytic lesions found in radiological examinations are not quite certain. Therefore, to determine the appropriate treatment method, various approaches and analyzes are required to find the real...
Sequential Bilateral Rapid Destructive Inflammatory Coxarthrosis in a Patient with Human Immunodeficiency Virus

Kim HJ, Kim SS, Kim SJ, Lee KH

  • Hip Pelvis.
  • 2018 Jun;30(2):115-119.
  • doi: 10.5371/hp.2018.30.2.115
The diagnostic criteria for sequential rapidly destructive coxarthrosis remain unclear and this condition is rarely reported in patients with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Here, we report a case of an...
An Uncommon Case of Bilateral Pathologic Hip Fractures: Antiviral Drug-induced Osteomalacia in a Patient with Hepatitis B

Moon NH, Shin WC, Do MU, Cho HJ, Suh KT

  • Hip Pelvis.
  • 2018 Jun;30(2):109-114.
  • doi: 10.5371/hp.2018.30.2.109
The long-term use of adefovir and tenofovir–antiviral medications commonly used to treat chronic hepatitis B–can be associated with proximal renal tubular dysfunction resulting in significant hypophosphatemic osteomalacia. However, there have...
One-year Survival Rates and Functional Recovery in Veterans Who Suffer from Hip Fractures: Evaluation of Commissioned Hospitals' System through Comparison between Veterans Hospitals and Commissioned Hospitals

Cho HM, Seo JW, Lee HJ

  • Hip Pelvis.
  • 2018 Jun;30(2):101-108.
  • doi: 10.5371/hp.2018.30.2.101
PURPOSE: This study was performed to compare the: i) 1-year survival rate of patients with hip fractures, ii) factors affecting mortality in patients with hip fractures, and iii) results of...
Effectiveness of Hip Arthroscopy Performed Simultaneously before Open Reduction and Internal Fixation for Acetabular Fracture and Fracture-dislocation of the Hip

Kim HJ, Kim SS, Jung YH, Lee KH

  • Hip Pelvis.
  • 2018 Jun;30(2):92-100.
  • doi: 10.5371/hp.2018.30.2.92
PURPOSE: This study is performed to evaluate the usefulness of arthroscopic surgery prior to open reduction and fixation surgery to treat acetabular fractures and hip fractures-dislocation. MATERIALS AND METHODS: From January...
Ankylosing Neurogenic Myositis Ossificans of the Hip: A Case Series and Review of Literature

Yoon BH, Park IK, Sung YB

  • Hip Pelvis.
  • 2018 Jun;30(2):86-91.
  • doi: 10.5371/hp.2018.30.2.86
PURPOSE: Neurogenic myositis ossificans (NMO) in patients with traumatic spinal cord or brain injuries can cause severe joint ankylosis or compromise neurovascularture. The purpose of this study was to evaluate...
Treatment of Periprosthetic Femoral Fractures Following Hip Arthroplasty

Lee JM, Kim TS, Kim TH

  • Hip Pelvis.
  • 2018 Jun;30(2):78-85.
  • doi: 10.5371/hp.2018.30.2.78
PURPOSE: This study was performed to assess potential improvements in clinical outcomes when applying recent advanced hip arthroplasty surgical techniques and understand the potential relationship between bone mineral density (BMD)...
Acetabular Cup Revision Arthroplasty Using Morselized Impaction Allograft

Lee JM, Kim TH

  • Hip Pelvis.
  • 2018 Jun;30(2):65-77.
  • doi: 10.5371/hp.2018.30.2.65
The rate of acetabular cup revision arthroplasty is gradually rising along with an increased risk of osteolysis and prosthesis loosening over time and an increase in life expectancy. The goals...

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