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An Unusual Cause of Inguinal Hernia in a Male Patient: Endometriosis

Simsek G, Bulus H, Tas A, Koklu S, Yilmaz SB, Coskun A

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2012 Apr;6(2):284-285.
No abstract available.
Hyperplastic Polyposis Syndrome Identified with a BRAF Mutation

Ahn HS, Hong SJ, Kim HK, Yoo HY, Kim HJ, Ko BM, Lee MS

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2012 Apr;6(2):280-283.
Hyperplastic polyposis syndrome (HPS) is a rare condition characterized by the presence of numerous hyperplastic polyps (HPs) in the colon and rectum. Patients with HPS have an increased risk of...
Primary Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Liver Initially Presenting with Pseudoachalasia

Choi MK, Kim GH, Song GA, Nam HS, Yi YS, Ahn KH, Kim S, Kim JY, Park DY

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2012 Apr;6(2):275-279.
Pseudoachalasia secondary to primary squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) of the liver is extremely rare and has not been reported until now. Here, we report a unique case of primary SCC...
Regression of Advanced Gastric MALT Lymphoma after the Eradication of Helicobacter pylori

Park SK, Jung HY, Kim DH, Kim MY, Lee JH, Choi KS, Choi KD, Song HJ, Lee GH, Kim H

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2012 Apr;6(2):270-274.
A 66-year-old female presented with a 1-month history of dyspepsia. An initial upper gastrointestinal endoscopy with biopsy revealed a low-grade mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) lymphoma. A rapid urease test was...
The Effects of Combined Treatment with an HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitor and PPARgamma Agonist on the Activation of Rat Pancreatic Stellate Cells

Lee BJ, Lee HS, Kim CD, Jung SW, Seo YS, Kim YS, Jeen YT, Chun HJ, Um SH, Lee SW, Choi JH, Ryu HS

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2012 Apr;6(2):262-269.
BACKGROUND/AIMS: Hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coenzyme A (HMG-CoA) reductase inhibitors (statins) and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPARgamma) ligands can modulate cellular differentiation, proliferation, and apoptosis through various pathways. It has been shown that HMG-CoA...
The Use of Gabexate Mesylate and Ulinastatin for the Prevention of Post-Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography Pancreatitis

Yoo YW, Cha SW, Kim A, Na SY, Lee YW, Kim SH, Lee HI, Lee YJ, Yang HW, Jung SH

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2012 Apr;6(2):256-261.
BACKGROUND/AIMS: Acute pancreatitis is a common complication of endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP). Only a few pharmacologic agents have been shown to have potential efficacy for the prophylactic treatment of post-ERCP...
Increased Serum Activity of Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 in Patients with Acute Variceal Bleeding

Kwon OS, Jung HS, Bae KS, Jung YK, Kim YS, Choi DJ, Kim YS, Kim JH

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2012 Apr;6(2):249-255.
BACKGROUND/AIMS: Matrix metalloproteinases (MMP)-2 and -9 can degrade essential components of vascular integrity. The aim of this study was to investigate the association between those MMPs and variceal bleeding (VB). METHODS:...
The Clinical and Laboratory Characteristics of Patients with Chronic Hepatitis B Using Current or Past Antiviral Therapy in Korea: A Multi-Center, Nation-Wide, Cross-Sectional Epidemiologic Study

Choi MS, Sinn DH, Kim SA, Lee YS, Choi W, Paik SW

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2012 Apr;6(2):241-248.
BACKGROUND/AIMS: The proper assessment of the current disease status of patients with chronic hepatitis B would be valuable for establishing optimal management strategies. METHODS: The clinical and laboratory characteristics of 2,954...
The Prevalence and Risk Factors for Hepatitis B Surface Ag Positivity in Pregnant Women in Eastern Region of Ghana

Cho Y, Bonsu G, Akoto-Ampaw A, Nkrumah-Mills G, Nimo JJ, Park JK, Ki M

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2012 Apr;6(2):235-240.
BACKGROUND/AIMS: The aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence and risk factors for hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) positivity in pregnant Ghanaian women. METHODS: We surveyed 1,500 pregnant women...
Sequential Changes in Aberrant Crypt Foci and Lectin Expression in the Early and Late Stages of DMH-Induced Colon Carcinogenesis in Rats

Won HS, Maeng LS, Chae HS, Kim HK, Cho YS, Kang JH, Jang HS, Ryu MR

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2012 Apr;6(2):229-234.
BACKGROUND/AIMS: The purpose of this study was to investigate the malignant potential of aberrant crypt foci (ACF) by measuring the multiplicity of crypts and lectin expression in the early and...
Polymorphisms of the Serotonin Transporter Gene and G-Protein beta3 Subunit Gene in Korean Children with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Functional Dyspepsia

Park CS, Uhm JH

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2012 Apr;6(2):223-228.
BACKGROUND/AIMS: Many candidate gene studies have revealed that polymorphisms of the 5'-flanking controlled SERT gene linked polymorphic region (5HTT-LPR) gene and G-protein beta3 C825T gene might be associated with functional...
Role of Enhanced Visibility in Evaluating Polyposis Syndromes Using a Newly Developed Contrast Image Capsule Endoscope

Hatogai K, Hosoe N, Imaeda H, Rey JF, Okada S, Ishibashi , Kimura K, Yoneno K, Usui S, Ida Y, Tsukada N, Kanai T, Hibi T, Ogata H

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2012 Apr;6(2):218-222.
BACKGROUND/AIMS: A flexible spectral imaging color enhancement system was installed in new capsule software for video capsule endoscopy. Contrast image capsule endoscopy (CICE) is a novel technology using light-emitting diodes...
Comparison of Indomethacin, Diclofenac and Aspirin-Induced Gastric Damage according to Age in Rats

Seo PJ, Kim N, Kim JH, Lee BH, Nam RH, Lee HS, Park JH, Lee MK, Chang H, Jung HC, Song IS

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2012 Apr;6(2):210-217.
BACKGROUND/AIMS: Aging gastric mucosa is known to have decreased mucosal defenses and increased susceptibility to injury by nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Depending on the type of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), the...
Prognostic Significance of the Lymph Node Ratio Regarding Recurrence and Survival in Rectal Cancer Patients Treated with Postoperative Chemoradiotherapy

Kim JY, Chung SM, Choi BO, Lee IK, An CH, Won JM, Ryu MR

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2012 Apr;6(2):203-209.
BACKGROUND/AIMS: To evaluate the prognostic impact of the lymph node ratio (LNR: the ratio of positive lymph nodes to the total number of lymph nodes examined) on disease recurrence and...
Reflux Episode Reaching the Proximal Esophagus Are Associated with Chronic Cough

Lee JH, Park SY, Cho SB, Lee WS, Park CH, Koh YI, Joo YE, Kim HS, Choi SK, Rew JS

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2012 Apr;6(2):197-202.
BACKGROUND/AIMS: Gastroesophageal reflux (GER) has been implicated in the pathogenesis of chronic cough. The aims of this study were to evaluate the diagnostic usefulness of multichannel intraluminal impedance combined with...
Epigallocatechin-3-gallate Inhibits LPS-Induced NF-kappaB and MAPK Signaling Pathways in Bone Marrow-Derived Macrophages

Joo SY, Song YA, Park YL, Myung E, Chung CY, Park KJ, Cho SB, Lee WS, Kim HS, Rew JS, Kim NS, Joo YE

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2012 Apr;6(2):188-196.
BACKGROUND/AIMS: Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), the primary catechin in green tea, has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties. The aim of the current study was to characterize the impact of EGCG on lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced...
Epidemiology of Gallbladder Disease: Cholelithiasis and Cancer

Stinton LM, Shaffer EA

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2012 Apr;6(2):172-187.
Diseases of the gallbladder are common and costly. The best epidemiological screening method to accurately determine point prevalence of gallstone disease is ultrasonography. Many risk factors for cholesterol gallstone formation...
NASH is an Inflammatory Disorder: Pathogenic, Prognostic and Therapeutic Implications

Farrell GC, van Rooyen D, Gan L, Chitturi S

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2012 Apr;6(2):149-171.
While non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is highly prevalent (15% to 45%) in modern societies, only 10% to 25% of cases develop hepatic fibrosis leading to cirrhosis, end-stage liver disease...
The Optimal Selection of Radiotherapy Treatment for Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Lee IJ, Seong J

  • Gut Liver.
  • 2012 Apr;6(2):139-148.
The majority of patients who present with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) are already at an advanced stage, and the tumors are unresectable. Radiotherapy (RT) technology can safely provide focused high-dose irradiation...

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