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Sharing Our Experience of Operating an Endoscopy Unit in the Midst of a COVID-19 Outbreak

Han J, Kim EY

Clinical Practice Guideline for Endoscopic Resection of Early Gastrointestinal Cancer

Park CH, Yang DH, Kim JW, Kim JH, Kim JH, Min YW, Lee SH, Bae JH, Chung H, Choi KD, Park JC, Lee H, Kwak MS, Kim B, Lee HJ, Lee HS, Choi M, Park DA, Lee JY, Byeon JS, Park CG, Cho JY, Lee ST, Chun HJ

Although surgery was the standard treatment for early gastrointestinal cancers, endoscopic resection is now a standard treatment for early gastrointestinal cancers without regional lymph node metastasis. High-definition white light endoscopy,...
Artificial Intelligence in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

Abadir AP, Ali MF, Karnes W, Samarasena JB

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly integrating into modern technology and clinical practice. Although in its nascency, AI has become a hot topic of investigation for applications in clinical practice. Multiple...
Lesion-Based Convolutional Neural Network in Diagnosis of Early Gastric Cancer

Yoon HJ, Kim JH

Diagnosis and evaluation of early gastric cancer (EGC) using endoscopic images is significantly important; however, it has some limitations. In several studies, the application of convolutional neural network (CNN) greatly...
Convolutional Neural Network Technology in Endoscopic Imaging: Artificial Intelligence for Endoscopy

Choi J, Shin K, Jung J, Bae HJ, Kim DH, Byeon JS, Kim N

Recently, significant improvements have been made in artificial intelligence. The artificial neural network was introduced in the 1950s. However, because of the low computing power and insufficient datasets available at...
Intraductal Ultrasonography Can Enhance the Success of Endoscopic Transpapillary Gallbladder Drainage in Patients with Acute Cholecystitis

Wu CCH, Khor CJL

Are there Seasonal Variations in the Incidence and Mortality of Esophageal Variceal Bleeding?

Suh JI

Is Endoscopic Ultrasound-Fine Needle Aspiration for Ki67 Aspirational Enough?

David Y, Kim MK

Non-Curative Resection: Should Clinicians Consider Providing Additional Surgery for All Patients?

Hatta W, Gotoda T, Masamune A

Efficacy and Safety of Complete Endoscopic Resection of Colorectal Neoplasia Using a Stepwise Endoscopic Protocol with SOUTEN, a Novel Multifunctional Snare

Yoshii S, Kubo M, Matsumoto , Kikuchi T, Takakuwa Y

Background/Aims: A multifunctional snare SOUTEN has a sharp tip at the top of the snare loop that enables incision of the mucosa, dissection of the submucosal layer, and snaring of...
Current Status in the Treatment of Acute Cholecystitis Patients Receiving Antithrombotic Therapy: Is Endoscopic Drainage Feasible?- A Systematic Review

Sagami R, Hayasaka K, Nishikiori H, Harada H, Amano Y

The bleeding complication risk of surgery or percutaneous transhepatic gallbladder drainage (PTGBD) may increase in patients with acute cholecystitis receiving antithrombotic therapy (ATT). Endoscopic gallbladder drainage (EGBD) may be recommended...
Seasonal Impacts on the Incidence of Esophageal Variceal Hemorrhage: A Nationwide Analysis across a Decade

Siddiqui M, Bilal M, Haq KF, Nabors C, Schorr-Lesnick B, Wolf DC

Background/Aims: Seasonal variation has previously been reported in relation to the incidence of non-variceal upper gastrointestinal bleeding; however, the impact of seasonal variation on variceal bleeding is not known. Methods: We...
Treatment of Bouveret Syndrome with Electrohydraulic Lithotripsy

Rafael MA, Figueiredo L, Horta D, Martins A

A New Technique of Endoscopic Transpapillary Gallbladder Drainage Combined with Intraductal Ultrasonography for the Treatment of Acute Cholecystitis

Sagami R, Hayasaka K, Ujihara T, Nakahara R, Murakami D, Iwaki T, Suehiro S, Katsuyama , Harada H, Amano Y

Background/Aims: Endoscopic transpapillary gallbladder drainage (ETGBD) is useful for the treatment of acute cholecystitis; however, the technique is difficult to perform. When intraductal ultrasonography (IDUS) is combined with ETGBD, the...
Risk Factors and Clinical Outcomes of Non-Curative Resection in Patients with Early Gastric Cancer Treated with Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection: A Retrospective Multicenter Study in Korea

Lee SH, Kim MC, Jeon SW, Lee KN, Park JJ, Hong SJ, Korean Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection Research Group

Background/Aims: The purpose of this study was to investigate the risk factors and long-term clinical outcomes of non-curative resection (NCR) in a large-scale patient population. Methods: We retrospectively analyzed the clinical...
Review of Simultaneous Double Stenting Using Endoscopic Ultrasound-Guided Biliary Drainage Techniques in Combined Gastric Outlet and Biliary Obstructions

Zhang HC, Tamil M, Kukreja K, Singhal S

Concomitant malignant gastric outlet obstruction and biliary obstruction may occur in patients with advanced cancers affecting these anatomical regions. This scenario presents a unique challenge to the endoscopist in selecting...
A Case of a Bleeding Duodenal Lipoma Successfully Controlled by Endoscopic Resection

Gwak SY, Lee MK, Lee YK

This is a case report of successful endoscopic resection (ER) of a bleeding duodenal lipoma. An 85-year-old woman who was diagnosed with asymptomatic subepithelial tumor of the duodenum 3 years...
Removal of a Trigger Cord Stuck between Bands during Endoscopic Multiple-Band Ligation for Treating Esophageal Variceal Hemorrhage

Ham NS, Lee D, Won SH, Kim J, Jo S, Yi S, So S

Endoscopic variceal ligation is the preferred endoscopic treatment method for esophageal variceal bleeding. The incidence of complications such as chest pain, bleeding, stricture formation, and aspiration pneumonia is low. We...
Two-Stage Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy for Sigmoid-Type Achalasia

Kim HS, Kim HK, Ko WJ

Peroral endoscopic myotomy (POEM) has been recently considered as the first treatment option for achalasia. The standard POEM procedures are often successful in most patients, but sometimes technical challenges are...
The Role of Endoscopic Ultrasound-Guided Ki67 in the Management of Non-Functioning Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors

Cui Y, Khanna LG, Saqi A, Crapanzano JP, Mitchell J, Sethi A, Gonda TA, Kluger MD, Schrope BA, Allendorf , Chabot JA, Poneros JM

Background/Aims: The management of small, incidentally discovered nonfunctioning pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (NF-PNETs) has been a matter of debate. Endoscopic ultrasound with fine-needle aspiration (EUS-FNA) is a tool used to identify...

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