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Isolated Diaphragmatic Metastasis Originated from Adenocarcinoma of the Colon

Lee KH, Yu CS, Namgung H, Kim HC, Kim JC

  • Cancer Res Treat.
  • 2004 Apr;36(2):157-159.
Isolated diaphragmatic metastasis arising from colorectal cancer has been reported only one case in the literature presently. Here, we presented a new case and discussed the possible pathogenesis and the...
Site-Specific Mutagenesis in Human Cells by Bulky Exocyclic Amino-Substituted Guanine and Adenine Derivatives

Moon KY

  • Cancer Res Treat.
  • 2004 Apr;36(2):151-156.
PURPOSE: 7-Bromomethylbenz[a]anthracene is a well- known mutagen and carcinogen. The aim of this study is to determine the mutagenic potency of its two major DNA adducts [N2-(benz[a]anthracen-7-ylmethyl)-2'-deoxyguanosine (b[a]a2G) and N6-(benz[a]anthracen-7-...
The Expression of c-myc, bcl-2 and p53 Proteins in Adenocarcinomas of Lung

Yoo J, Jung JH, Choi HJ, Kang SJ, Kang CS

  • Cancer Res Treat.
  • 2004 Apr;36(2):146-150.
PURPOSE: c-myc, bcl-2 and p53 are known to regulate apoptosis. There has been growing interest in analyzing their contribution to the pathogenesis and prognosis in a variety of human cancers....
Randomized Phase III Trial of Cisplatin, Epirubicin, Leucovorin, 5-Fluorouracil (PELF) Combination versus 5-fluorouracil Alone as Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Curative Resected Stage III Gastric Cancer

Lee JJ, Kim SY, Shin I, Cho KS, Joo HZ, Yoon C, Kim YW, Yoon HJ

  • Cancer Res Treat.
  • 2004 Apr;36(2):140-145.
PURPOSE: The combination of cisplatin, epirubicin, leucovorin and 5-fluorouracil (PELF) administration, as adjuvant chemotherapy after curative resection for gastirc cancer, was compared with 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) administration alone. This paper reports...
Synthetic CDCA Derivatives-Induced Apoptosis of Stomach Cancer Cell Line SNU-1 Cells

Moon B, Kim MC, Park JS

  • Cancer Res Treat.
  • 2004 Apr;36(2):132-139.
PURPOSE: This study was conducted to explore whether CDCA derivatives induce apoptosis in a stomach cancer cell line, and to dissect the detailed mechanism underlying apoptosis. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The...
Radiofrequency Ablation for Metastatic Hepatic Tumor in Colorectal Carcinoma

Choi JH, Ahn MJ, Rhim H, Lee HW, Oh HS, Lee YY, Choi IY, Kim IS

  • Cancer Res Treat.
  • 2004 Apr;36(2):128-131.
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to assess the efficacy and safety of radiofrequency ablation (RFA) to treat hepatic metastasis in patients with colorectal carcinoma. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Between...
Impact of the New AJCC Staging System and Adjuvant Treatment in Rectal Cancer

Lee SA, Kwon HC, Park MA, Jung CK, Kim SH, Park KJ, Choi HJ, Lee HS, Roh MS, Kim JS, Kim HJ

  • Cancer Res Treat.
  • 2004 Apr;36(2):121-127.
PURPOSE: The combination of chemoradiation and fluorouracil based chemotherapy has been the standard adjuvant treatment for colorectal cancer patients. The aim of this study was to evaluate treatment outcome of...
Oxaliplatin with Biweekly, Low Dose Leucovorin and Bolus and Continuous Infusion 5-fluorouracil (Modified FOLFOX 4) as First-line Therapy for Patients with Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

Kwon HC, Kim KT, Lee SA, Park JS, Kim SH, Kim JS, Kim HJ

  • Cancer Res Treat.
  • 2004 Apr;36(2):115-120.
PURPOSE: To determine the activity and toxicities of low dose leucovorin (LV) plus fluorouracil (5-FU) regimen, combined with oxaliplatin every two weeks (modified FOLFOX 4), as a first-line therapy for...
2002 Annual Report of the Korea Central Cancer Registry: Based on Registered Data from 139 Hospitals

Shin HR, Jung KW, Won YJ, Park JG, 139 KCCR-affiliated Hospitals

  • Cancer Res Treat.
  • 2004 Apr;36(2):103-114.
PURPOSE: To estimate the number of cancer cases during 2002 in Korea through a nationwide hospital based cancer registration by the Korea Central Cancer Registry (KCCR). MATERIALS AND METHODS: One...
Prospect of Anticancer Therapy

Park HS

  • Cancer Res Treat.
  • 2004 Apr;36(2):100-102.
No abstract available.
Molecular Epidemiology of Colon Cancer

Kim DH, Ahn YO

  • Cancer Res Treat.
  • 2004 Apr;36(2):93-99.
Colorectal cancer appears to have rapidly increased over the past two decades in Korea. Environmental factors, characterized by a western life style, seem to be closely related to the increased...
Oxaliplatin: Is It a New Standard Weapon for Colorectal Cancer?

Kim SY

  • Cancer Res Treat.
  • 2004 Apr;36(2):91-92.
No abstract available.

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