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Hepaprotective Effect of Standardized Ecklonia stolonifera Formulation on CClâ‚„-Induced Liver Injury in Sprague-Dawley Rats

Byun JH, Kim J, Choung SY

  • Biomol Ther.
  • 2018 Mar;26(2):218-223.
  • doi: 10.4062/biomolther.2017.199
The liver is an essential organ for the detoxification of exogenous xenobiotics, drugs and toxic substances. The incidence rate of non-alcoholic liver injury increases due to dietary habit change and...
Synthetic 3′,4′-Dihydroxyflavone Exerts Anti-Neuroinflammatory Effects in BV2 Microglia and a Mouse Model

Kim N, Yoo HS, Ju YJ, Oh MS, Lee KT, Inn KS, Kim NJ, Lee JK

  • Biomol Ther.
  • 2018 Mar;26(2):210-217.
  • doi: 10.4062/biomolther.2018.008
Neuroinflammation is an immune response within the central nervous system against various proinflammatory stimuli. Abnormal activation of this response contributes to neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and...
YH18968, a Novel 1,2,4-Triazolone G-Protein Coupled Receptor 119 Agonist for the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Han T, Lee BM, Park YH, Lee DH, Choi HH, Lee T, Kim H

  • Biomol Ther.
  • 2018 Mar;26(2):201-209.
  • doi: 10.4062/biomolther.2018.011
G protein-coupled receptor 119 (GPR119) is expressed in the pancreas and gastrointestinal tract, and its activation promotes insulin secretion in the beta cells of the pancreatic islets as well as...
YJI-7 Suppresses ROS Production and Expression of Inflammatory Mediators via Modulation of p38MAPK and JNK Signaling in RAW 264.7 Macrophages

Oh HJ, Magar TB, Pun NT, Lee Y, Kim EH, Lee ES, Park PH

  • Biomol Ther.
  • 2018 Mar;26(2):191-200.
  • doi: 10.4062/biomolther.2016.276
Chalcone, (2E)-1,3-Diphenylprop-2-en-1-one, and its synthetic derivatives are known to possess anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties. In the present study, we prepared a novel synthetic chalcone compound, (E)-1-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-3-(2-(trifluoromethoxy)phenyl)prop-2-en-1-one name (YJI-7), and investigated...
Modulation of Electroosmotic Flow through Skin: Effect of Poly(Amidoamine) Dendrimers

Kim HJ, Oh SY

  • Biomol Ther.
  • 2018 Mar;26(2):182-190.
  • doi: 10.4062/biomolther.2017.203
The objective of this work is to evaluate the effect of polyamidoamine (PAMAM) dendrimers on electroosmotic flow (EOF) through skin. The effect of size and concentration of dendrimer was studied,...
Carbon Monoxide Ameliorates 6-Hydroxydopamine-Induced Cell Death in C6 Glioma Cells

Moon H, Jang JH, Jang TC, Park GH

  • Biomol Ther.
  • 2018 Mar;26(2):175-181.
  • doi: 10.4062/biomolther.2018.009
Carbon monoxide (CO) is well-known as toxic gas and intrinsic signaling molecule such as neurotransmitter and blood vessel relaxant. Recently, it has been reported that low concentration of CO exerts...
Age-Related Changes in Sulfur Amino Acid Metabolism in Male C57BL/6 Mice

Jeon JS, Oh JJ, Kwak HC, Yun HY, Kim HC, Kim YM, Oh SJ, Kim SK

  • Biomol Ther.
  • 2018 Mar;26(2):167-174.
  • doi: 10.4062/biomolther.2017.054
Alterations in sulfur amino acid metabolism are associated with an increased risk of a number of common late-life diseases, which raises the possibility that metabolism of sulfur amino acids may...
Diosmetin Alleviates Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Acute Lung Injury through Activating the Nrf2 Pathway and Inhibiting the NLRP3 Inflammasome

Liu Q, Ci X, Wen Z, Peng L

  • Biomol Ther.
  • 2018 Mar;26(2):157-166.
  • doi: 10.4062/biomolther.2016.234
Acute lung injury (ALI)/acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is a common clinical syndrome of diffuse lung inflammation with high mortality rates and limited therapeutic methods. Diosmetin, an active component from...
Spermidine Protects against Oxidative Stress in Inflammation Models Using Macrophages and Zebrafish

Jeong JW, Cha HJ, Han MH, Hwang SJ, Lee DS, Yoo JS, Choi IW, Kim S, Kim HS, Kim GY, Hong SH, Park C, Lee HJ, Choi YH

  • Biomol Ther.
  • 2018 Mar;26(2):146-156.
  • doi: 10.4062/biomolther.2016.272
Spermidine is a naturally occurring polyamine compound that has recently emerged with anti-aging properties and suppresses inflammation and oxidation. However, its mechanisms of action on anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects have...
Hypothermia Inhibits Endothelium-Independent Vascular Contractility via Rho-kinase Inhibition

Chung YH, Oh KW, Kim ST, Park ES, Je HD, Yoon HJ, Sohn UD, Jeong JH, La HO

  • Biomol Ther.
  • 2018 Mar;26(2):139-145.
  • doi: 10.4062/biomolther.2016.233
The present study was undertaken to investigate the influence of hypothermia on endothelium-independent vascular smooth muscle contractility and to determine the mechanism underlying the relaxation. Denuded aortic rings from male...
Anti-Diabetic Effect of Cotreatment with Quercetin and Resveratrol in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats

Yang DK, Kang HS

  • Biomol Ther.
  • 2018 Mar;26(2):130-138.
  • doi: 10.4062/biomolther.2017.254
Quercetin and resveratrol are known to have beneficial effects on the diabetes and diabetic complication, however, the effects of combined treatment of these compounds on diabetes are not fully revealed....
Recombinant Human Thioredoxin-1 Protects Macrophages from Oxidized Low-Density Lipoprotein-Induced Foam Cell Formation and Cell Apoptosis

Zhang H, Liu Q, Lin JL, Wang Y, Zhang RX, Hou JB, Yu B

  • Biomol Ther.
  • 2018 Mar;26(2):121-129.
  • doi: 10.4062/biomolther.2016.275
Oxidized low-density lipoprotein (ox-LDL)-induced macrophage foam cell formation and apoptosis play critical roles in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis. Thioredoxin-1 (Trx) is an antioxidant that potently protects various cells from oxidative...
Neuroprotective Effect of Duloxetine on Chronic Cerebral Hypoperfusion-Induced Hippocampal Neuronal Damage

Park JA, Lee CH

  • Biomol Ther.
  • 2018 Mar;26(2):115-120.
  • doi: 10.4062/biomolther.2016.248
Chronic cerebral hypoperfusion (CCH), which is associated with onset of vascular dementia, causes cognitive impairment and neuropathological alterations in the brain. In the present study, we examined the neuroprotective effect...
The Memory-Enhancing Effects of Liquiritigenin by Activation of NMDA Receptors and the CREB Signaling Pathway in Mice

Ko YH, Kwon SH, Hwang JY, Kim KI, Seo JY, Nguyen TL, Lee SY, Kim HC, Jang CG

  • Biomol Ther.
  • 2018 Mar;26(2):109-114.
  • doi: 10.4062/biomolther.2016.284
Liquiritigenin (LQ) is a flavonoid that can be isolated from Glycyrrhiza radix. It is frequently used as a tranditional oriental medicine herbal treatment for swelling and injury and for detoxification....
Comprehensive Analysis of Non-Synonymous Natural Variants of G Protein-Coupled Receptors

Kim HR, Duc NM, Chung KY

  • Biomol Ther.
  • 2018 Mar;26(2):101-108.
  • doi: 10.4062/biomolther.2017.073
G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) are the largest superfamily of transmembrane receptors and have vital signaling functions in various organs. Because of their critical roles in physiology and pathology, GPCRs are...
Role of Carbon Monoxide in Neurovascular Repair Processing

Choi YK

  • Biomol Ther.
  • 2018 Mar;26(2):93-100.
  • doi: 10.4062/biomolther.2017.144
Carbon monoxide (CO) is a gaseous molecule produced from heme by heme oxygenase (HO). Endogenous CO production occurring at low concentrations is thought to have several useful biological roles. In...

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