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Erratum to "Aloe-Emodin Protects RIN-5F (Pancreatic β-cell) Cell from Glucotoxicity via Regulation of Pro-Inflammatory Cytokine and Downregulation of Bax and Caspase 3"

Alshatwi A, Subash-Babu P

  • Biomol Ther.
  • 2016 May;24(3):346-346.
  • doi: 10.4062/biomolther.2016.346
The authors request to change the corresponding author's name as Ali A Alshatwi* from P. Subash-Babu in author list.
The Neuro-Protective Effect of the Methanolic Extract of Perilla frutescens var. japonica and Rosmarinic Acid against H2O2-Induced Oxidative Stress in C6 Glial Cells

Lee AY, Wu TT, Hwang BR, Lee J, Lee MH, Lee S, Cho EJ

  • Biomol Ther.
  • 2016 May;24(3):338-345.
  • doi: 10.4062/biomolther.2015.135
Neurodegenerative diseases are often associated with oxidative damage in neuronal cells. This study was conducted to investigate the neuro-protective effect of methanolic (MeOH) extract of Perilla frutescens var. japonica and...
Wogonin Attenuates Hippocampal Neuronal Loss and Cognitive Dysfunction in Trimethyltin-Intoxicated Rats

Lee B, Sur B, Cho SG, Yeom M, Shim I, Lee H, Hahm DH

  • Biomol Ther.
  • 2016 May;24(3):328-337.
  • doi: 10.4062/biomolther.2015.152
We examined whether wogonin (WO) improved hippocampal neuronal activity, behavioral alterations and cognitive impairment, in rats induced by administration of trimethyltin (TMT), an organotin compound that is neurotoxic to these...
Columbianadin Inhibits Cell Proliferation by Inducing Apoptosis and Necroptosis in HCT116 Colon Cancer Cells

Kang JI, Hong JY, Choi JS, Lee SK

  • Biomol Ther.
  • 2016 May;24(3):320-327.
  • doi: 10.4062/biomolther.2015.145
Columbianadin (CBN), a natural coumarin from Angelica decursiva (Umbelliferae), is known to have various biological activities including anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects. In this study, the anti-proliferative mechanism of actions mediated...
Hesperidin Attenuates Ultraviolet B-Induced Apoptosis by Mitigating Oxidative Stress in Human Keratinocytes

Hewage SR, Piao MJ, Kang KA, Ryu YS, Han X, Oh MC, Jung U, Kim IG, Hyun JW

  • Biomol Ther.
  • 2016 May;24(3):312-319.
  • doi: 10.4062/biomolther.2015.139
Human skin cells undergo pathophysiological processes via generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) upon excessive exposure to ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation. This study investigated the ability of hesperidin (C28H34O15) to...
Mitochondria-Targeted Vitamin E Protects Skin from UVB-Irradiation

Kim WS, Kim I, Kim WK, Choi JY, Kim DY, Moon SG, Min HK, Song MK, Sung JH

  • Biomol Ther.
  • 2016 May;24(3):305-311.
  • doi: 10.4062/biomolther.2015.131
Mitochondria-targeted vitamin E (MVE) is designed to accumulate within mitochondria and is applied to decrease mitochondrial oxidative damage. However, the protective effects of MVE in skin cells have not been...
Cognitive-Enhancing Effect of Dianthus superbus var. Longicalycinus on Scopolamine-Induced Memory Impairment in Mice

Weon JB, Jung YS, Ma CJ

  • Biomol Ther.
  • 2016 May;24(3):298-304.
  • doi: 10.4062/biomolther.2015.083
Dianthus superbus (D. superbus) is a traditional crude drug used for the treatment of urethritis, carbuncles and carcinomas. The objective of this study was to confirm the cognitive enhancing effect...
Cytisine, a Partial Agonist of α4β2 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors, Reduced Unpredictable Chronic Mild Stress-Induced Depression-Like Behaviors

Han J, Wang DS, Liu SB, Zhao MG

  • Biomol Ther.
  • 2016 May;24(3):291-297.
  • doi: 10.4062/biomolther.2015.113
Cytisine (CYT), a partial agonist of α4β2-nicotinic receptors, has been used for antidepressant efficacy in several tests. Nicotinic receptors have been shown to be closely associated with depression. However, little...
Anti-Allergic Effect of Oroxylin A from Oroxylum indicum Using in vivo and in vitro Experiments

Lee AY, Kang S, Park SJ, Huang J, Im DS

  • Biomol Ther.
  • 2016 May;24(3):283-290.
  • doi: 10.4062/biomolther.2016.071
Oroxylum indicum has long been used in Asian traditional medicine to prevent and treat respiratory diseases, diabetes, diarrhea and other conditions. Oroxylin A is a flavone that is present in...
The Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Eucommia ulmoides Oliv. Bark. Involves NF-κB Suppression and Nrf2-Dependent HO-1 Induction in BV-2 Microglial Cells

Kwon SH, Ma SX, Hwang JY, Ko YH, Seo JY, Lee BR, Lee SY, Jang CG

  • Biomol Ther.
  • 2016 May;24(3):268-282.
  • doi: 10.4062/biomolther.2015.150
In the present study, we investigated the anti-inflammatory properties of Eucommia ulmoides Oliv. Bark. (EUE) in lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-stimulated microglial BV-2 cells and found that EUE inhibited LPS-mediated up-regulation of pro-inflammatory...
Long-Duration Three-Dimensional Spheroid Culture Promotes Angiogenic Activities of Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Lee JH, Han YS, Lee SH

  • Biomol Ther.
  • 2016 May;24(3):260-267.
  • doi: 10.4062/biomolther.2015.146
Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) offer significant therapeutic promise for various regenerative therapies. However, MSC-based therapy for injury exhibits low efficacy due to the pathological environment in target tissues and the...
Enhanced Expression of TREK-1 Is Related with Chronic Constriction Injury of Neuropathic Pain Mouse Model in Dorsal Root Ganglion

Han HJ, Lee SW, Kim GT, Kim EJ, Kwon B, Kang D, Kim HJ, Seo KS

  • Biomol Ther.
  • 2016 May;24(3):252-259.
  • doi: 10.4062/biomolther.2016.038
Neuropathic pain is a complex state showing increased pain response with dysfunctional inhibitory neurotransmission. The TREK family, one of the two pore domain K+ (K2P) channel subgroups were focused among...
Blockade of STAT3 in T Cells Inhibits Germinal Center Reactions against Intranasal Allergens

Choi G, Chung Y

  • Biomol Ther.
  • 2016 May;24(3):244-251.
  • doi: 10.4062/biomolther.2015.160
Understanding the developmental mechanisms of humoral immunity against intranasal antigens is essential for the development of therapeutic approaches against air-borne pathogens as well as allergen-induced pulmonary inflammation. Follicular helper T...
Clinical and Neurobiological Relevance of Current Animal Models of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Kim KC, Gonzales E, Lázaro MT, Choi CS, Bahn GH, Yoo HJ, Shin CY

  • Biomol Ther.
  • 2016 May;24(3):207-243.
  • doi: 10.4062/biomolther.2016.061
Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by social and communication impairments, as well as repetitive and restrictive behaviors. The phenotypic heterogeneity of ASD has made it overwhelmingly...

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