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Response to: Does Segmental Kyphosis Affect Surgical Outcome after a Posterior Decompressive Laminectomy in Multisegmental Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy?

Jain A, Rustagi T, Prasad G, Deore T, Bhojraj SY

  • Asian Spine J.
  • 2017 Jun;11(3):506-506.
  • doi: 10.4184/asj.2017.11.3.506
No abstract available.
Letter to the editor: Does Segmental Kyphosis Affect Surgical Outcome after a Posterior Decompressive Laminectomy in Multisegmental Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy?

Viswanathan VK, Subramanian S

  • Asian Spine J.
  • 2017 Jun;11(3):504-505.
  • doi: 10.4184/asj.2017.11.3.504
No abstract available.
Severe Rigid Scoliosis: Review of Management Strategies and Role of Spinal Osteotomies

Kandwal P, Vijayaraghavan GP, Nagaraja U, Jayaswal A

  • Asian Spine J.
  • 2017 Jun;11(3):494-503.
  • doi: 10.4184/asj.2017.11.3.494
Severe rigid curves pose a considerable challenge to the treating spine surgeon. In our practice, approximately 30%–40% of patients with scoliosis present late with severe rigid scoliosis (>90° and
Bisphosphonate's and Intermittent Parathyroid Hormone's Effect on Human Spinal Fusion: A Systematic Review of the Literature

Stone MA, Jakoi AM, Iorio JA, Pham MH, Patel NN, Hsieh PC, Liu JC, Acosta FL, Hah R, Wang JC

  • Asian Spine J.
  • 2017 Jun;11(3):484-493.
  • doi: 10.4184/asj.2017.11.3.484
There has been a conscious effort to address osteoporosis in the aging population. As bisphosphonate and intermittent parathyroid hormone (PTH) therapy become more widely prescribed to treat osteoporosis, it is...
Discrimination between Malignant and Benign Vertebral Fractures Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Takigawa T, Tanaka M, Sugimoto Y, Tetsunaga , Nishida K, Ozaki T

  • Asian Spine J.
  • 2017 Jun;11(3):478-483.
  • doi: 10.4184/asj.2017.11.3.478
STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective analysis using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). PURPOSE: To identify MRI features that could discriminate benign from malignant vertebral fractures. OVERVIEW OF LITERATURE: Discrimination between benign and malignant vertebral fractures...
Correlation among Inflammatory Cytokine Expression Levels, Degree of Disk Degeneration, and Predominant Clinical Symptoms in Patients with Degenerated Intervertebral Discs

Sainoh T, Inage K, Orita S, Koda M, Furuya T, Yamauchi K, Suzuki M, Sakuma Y, Kubota G, Oikawa Y, Sato J, Fujimoto K, Shiga Y, Abe K, Kanamoto H, Inoue M, Kinoshita , Norimoto M, Umimura T, Takahashi , Ohtori S

  • Asian Spine J.
  • 2017 Jun;11(3):472-477.
  • doi: 10.4184/asj.2017.11.3.472
STUDY DESIGN: Observational study. PURPOSE: To assess the correlation among inflammatory cytokine expression levels, degree of intervertebral disk (IVD) degeneration, and predominant clinical symptoms observed in degenerative disk disease (DDD). OVERVIEW OF...
Outcomes of Revision Surgery Following Instrumented Posterolateral Fusion in Degenerative Lumbar Spinal Stenosis: A Comparative Analysis between Pseudarthrosis and Adjacent Segment Disease

Suh SP, Jo YH, Jeong HW, Choi WR, Kang CN

  • Asian Spine J.
  • 2017 Jun;11(3):463-471.
  • doi: 10.4184/asj.2017.11.3.463
STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective study. PURPOSE: We examined the clinical and radiological outcomes of patients who received revision surgery for pseudarthrosis or adjacent segment disease (ASD) following decompression and instrumented posterolateral fusion...
Use of Allogenic Mesenchymal Cellular Bone Matrix in Anterior and Posterior Cervical Spinal Fusion: A Case Series of 21 Patients

Divi SN, Mikhael MM

  • Asian Spine J.
  • 2017 Jun;11(3):454-462.
  • doi: 10.4184/asj.2017.11.3.454
STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective case series. PURPOSE: To report our early experience using allogenic mesenchymal cellular bone matrix (CBM) products in cervical spine fusion. OVERVIEW OF LITERATURE: Multi-level cervical fusions have historically yielded...
Circumferential Fusion through All-Posterior Approach in Andersson Lesion

Rajoli SR, Kanna RM, Aiyer SN, Shetty AP, Rajasekaran S

  • Asian Spine J.
  • 2017 Jun;11(3):444-453.
  • doi: 10.4184/asj.2017.11.3.444
STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective case series. PURPOSE: To assess safety and efficacy of single stage, posterior stabilisation and anterior cage reconstruction through the transforaminal or lateral extra-cavitary route for Andersson lesions. OVERVIEW OF...
Facture of the Pars Interarticularis with or without Spondylolisthesis in an Adult Population in a Developing Country: Evaluation by Multidetector Computed Tomography

Khan SA, Sattar A, Khanzada U, Adel H, Adil SO, Hussain M

  • Asian Spine J.
  • 2017 Jun;11(3):437-443.
  • doi: 10.4184/asj.2017.11.3.437
STUDY DESIGN: Descriptive cross-sectional study. PURPOSE: To determine the prevalence of lumbar spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis in a general adult population unrelated to lower back pain as evaluated by multidetector computed tomography. OVERVIEW...
Polymicrobial and Monomicrobial Infections after Spinal Surgery: A Retrospective Study to Determine which Infection is more Severe

Liu S, Qi Q, Chen Z, Liu N, Guo Z, Sun C, Li W, Zeng Y, Liu Z

  • Asian Spine J.
  • 2017 Jun;11(3):427-436.
  • doi: 10.4184/asj.2017.11.3.427
STUDY DESIGN: A retrospective clinical review. PURPOSE: To investigate the difference in clinical manifestations and severity between polymicrobial and monomicrobial infections after spinal surgery. OVERVIEW OF LITERATURE: Surgical site infections (SSIs) after...
A Multidisciplinary Workplace Intervention for Chronic Low Back Pain among Nursing Assistants in Iran

Shojaei S, Tavafian S, Jamshidi A, Wagner J

  • Asian Spine J.
  • 2017 Jun;11(3):419-426.
  • doi: 10.4184/asj.2017.11.3.419
STUDY DESIGN: Interventional research with a 6-month follow-up period. PURPOSE: We aimed to establish the effectiveness of a multidisciplinary workplace intervention on reduction of work-related low back pain (WRLBP), using ergonomic...
Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury: Long-Term Motor, Sensory, and Urinary Outcomes

Motiei-Langroudi R, Sadeghian

  • Asian Spine J.
  • 2017 Jun;11(3):412-418.
  • doi: 10.4184/asj.2017.11.3.412
STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective study. PURPOSE: To evaluate how motor, sensory, and urinary outcomes of spinal cord injury (SCI) patients were influenced in the long term. OVERVIEW OF LITERATURE: SCI is a potentially...
Epidemiology of Musculoskeletal Tuberculosis in an Area with High Disease Prevalence

Held MF, Hoppe S, Laubscher , Mears S, Dix-Peek S, Zar HJ, Dunn RN

  • Asian Spine J.
  • 2017 Jun;11(3):405-411.
  • doi: 10.4184/asj.2017.11.3.405
STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective observational study. PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to assess the distribution of age and site of infection in patients with musculoskeletal tuberculosis (TB) and determine the...
Effectiveness of Multidisciplinary Group-Based Intervention versus Individual Physiotherapy for Improving Chronic Low Back Pain in Nursing Staff: A Clinical Trial with 3- and 6-Month Follow-Up Visits from Tehran, Iran

Ghadyani L, Tavafian S, Kazemnejad A, Wagner J

  • Asian Spine J.
  • 2017 Jun;11(3):396-404.
  • doi: 10.4184/asj.2017.11.3.396
STUDY DESIGN: Clinical trial. PURPOSE: To evaluate the effectiveness of a multidisciplinary group-based intervention on improving pain and disability among Iranian nurses with chronic low back pain in Tehran, Iran. OVERVIEW OF...
The Effect of Soft and Rigid Cervical Collars on Head and Neck Immobilization in Healthy Subjects

Barati K, Arazpour M, Vameghi R, Abdoli A, Farmani F

  • Asian Spine J.
  • 2017 Jun;11(3):390-395.
  • doi: 10.4184/asj.2017.11.3.390
STUDY DESIGN: Whiplash injury is a prevalent and often destructive injury of the cervical column, which can lead to serious neck pain. Many approaches have been suggested for the treatment...
Intradiscal Injection of Autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma Releasate to Treat Discogenic Low Back Pain: A Preliminary Clinical Trial

Akeda K, Ohishi K, Masuda K, Bae WC, Takegami N, Yamada J, Nakamura T, Sakakibara T, Kasai Y, Sudo A

  • Asian Spine J.
  • 2017 Jun;11(3):380-389.
  • doi: 10.4184/asj.2017.11.3.380
STUDY DESIGN: Preliminary clinical trial. PURPOSE: To determine the safety and initial efficacy of intradiscal injection of autologous platelet-rich plasma (PRP) releasate in patients with discogenic low back pain. OVERVIEW OF LITERATURE:...
Role of Anatomical Landmarks in Identifying Normal and Transitional Vertebra in Lumbar Spine Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Jagannathan D, Indiran V, Hithaya F, Alamelu M, Padmanaban S

  • Asian Spine J.
  • 2017 Jun;11(3):365-379.
  • doi: 10.4184/asj.2017.11.3.365
STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective study. PURPOSE: Identification of transitional vertebra is important in spine imaging, especially in presurgical planning. Pasted images of the whole spine obtained using high-field magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)...
Risk Factors for Failure of Nonoperative Treatment for Unilateral Cervical Facet Fractures

van Eck CF, Fourman MS, Abtahi AM, Alarcon L, Donaldson , Lee JY

  • Asian Spine J.
  • 2017 Jun;11(3):356-364.
  • doi: 10.4184/asj.2017.11.3.356
STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective clinical study. PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to determine what percentage of patients who underwent nonoperative management of unilateral non-displaced or minimally displaced facet fractures progressed...
Disc Rehydration after Dynamic Stabilization: A Report of 59 Cases

Yilmaz A, Senturk S, Sasani M, Oktenoglu , Yaman O, Yildirim H, Suzer T, Ozer AF

  • Asian Spine J.
  • 2017 Jun;11(3):348-355.
  • doi: 10.4184/asj.2017.11.3.348
STUDY DESIGN: A retrospective study investigating decrease in the nucleus pulposus signal intensity or disc height on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and disc degeneration. PURPOSE: Although a degenerated disc cannot self-regenerate,...

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