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Multi-focal Myxopapillary Ependymoma in the Lumbar and Sacral Regions Requiring Cranio-spinal Radiation Therapy: A Case Report

Andoh H, Kawaguchi , Seki S, Asanuma Y, Fukuoka J, Ishizawa S, Kimura T

  • Asian Spine J.
  • 2011 Mar;5(1):68-72.
  • doi: 10.4184/asj.2011.5.1.68
Ependymomas are uncommon tumors that arise in the brain, spinal cord or cauda equina. Myxopapillary ependymomas is located exclusively in the conus medullaris or cauda equina, or film terminale region....
Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome in a Case of Postoperative Spinal Extradural Haematoma: Case Report and Review of Literature

Gopalakrishnan CV, Vikas V, Nair S

  • Asian Spine J.
  • 2011 Mar;5(1):64-67.
  • doi: 10.4184/asj.2011.5.1.64
A 14-year-old girl presented with progressive paraparesis and paresthesia of one-year duration. Magnetic resonance imaging revealed a T6 vertebral hemangioma with epidural compression on the spinal cord. Following angiography and...
Cervical Intramedullary Epidermoid Cyst with Liquid Contents

Agarwal A, Bhake A, Kakani A

  • Asian Spine J.
  • 2011 Mar;5(1):59-63.
  • doi: 10.4184/asj.2011.5.1.59
Intramedullary spinal epidermoid cysts are benign ectopic embryological growths with reported incidence of less than 1% of intramedullary tumors. In this case we report an unusual cervical intramedullary epidermid with...
Reliability of Triggered EMG for Prediction of Safety during Pedicle Screw Placement in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Surgery

Min WK, Lee HJ, Jeong WJ, Oh CW, Bae JS, Cho HS, Jeon IH, Cho CH, Park BC

  • Asian Spine J.
  • 2011 Mar;5(1):51-58.
  • doi: 10.4184/asj.2011.5.1.51
STUDY DESIGN: We performed a prospective study to evaluate the reliability of using triggered electromyography (EMG) for predicting pedicle wall breakthrough during the placement of pedicle screw in adolescent idiopathic...
Spinal Deformity Correction in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD): Comparing the Outcome of Two Instrumentation Techniques

Debnath UK, Mehdian SM, Webb JK

  • Asian Spine J.
  • 2011 Mar;5(1):43-50.
  • doi: 10.4184/asj.2011.5.1.43
STUDY DESIGN: A retrospective matched cohort study. PURPOSE: To compare the results of combined Luque rod-sublaminar wiring (thoracic) and pedicle (lower lumbar) instrumentation (SLW) versus those with pedicle screw fixation (PS)...
Delayed Diagnosed Stage 1, 2 Distractive Flexion Injury of the Cervical Spine

Jeon TS, Chang H, Kim YB, Oh BH, Kim SB, Nam TS, Kim JW, Park KB, Chung HW

  • Asian Spine J.
  • 2011 Mar;5(1):35-42.
  • doi: 10.4184/asj.2011.5.1.35
STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective study. PURPOSE: To examine the clinical and radiologic characteristics of patients with stage 1 and 2 distractive flexion injury according to Allen's classification and who were not diagnosed...
Morphometric Measurements of Cadaveric Thoracic Spine in Indian Population and Its Clinical Applications

Singh R, Srivastva , Prasath CS, Rohilla RK, Siwach R, Magu NK

  • Asian Spine J.
  • 2011 Mar;5(1):20-34.
  • doi: 10.4184/asj.2011.5.1.20
STUDY DESIGN: Analysis of morphometric data obtained from direct measurements of 100 cadaveric thoracic spines in Indian population. PURPOSE: To collect a base line morphometric data and analyze it in reference...
Percutaneous Thoracic Intervertebral Disc Nucleoplasty: Technical Notes from 3 Patients with Painful Thoracic Disc Herniations

Chua NH, Gultuna I, Riezebos P, Beems T, Vissers KC

  • Asian Spine J.
  • 2011 Mar;5(1):15-19.
  • doi: 10.4184/asj.2011.5.1.15
Symptomatic thoracic disc herniation is an uncommon condition and early surgical approaches were associated with significant morbidity and even mortality. We are the first to describe the technique of percutaneous...
Diagnostic Accuracy of Clinical Examination in Cervical Spine Injuries in Awake and Alert Blunt Trauma Patients

Hussain M, Javed G

  • Asian Spine J.
  • 2011 Mar;5(1):10-14.
  • doi: 10.4184/asj.2011.5.1.10
STUDY DESIGN: Observational, case series. PURPOSE: To determine the sensitivity and specificity of clinical judgment as compared to the use of X-ray images in detecting cervical spine injuries in trauma patients...
Revisional Percutaneous Full Endoscopic Disc Surgery for Recurrent Herniation of Previous Open Lumbar Discectomy

Shin KH, Chang HG, Rhee NK, Lim KS

  • Asian Spine J.
  • 2011 Mar;5(1):1-9.
  • doi: 10.4184/asj.2011.5.1.1
STUDY DESIGN: A retrospective study. PURPOSE: To determine the feasibility and effectiveness of revisional percutaneous full endoscopic discectomy for recurrent herniation after conventional open disc surgery. OVERVIEW OF THE LITERATURE: Repeated open...

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