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Effects of Parity and Breastfeeding Duration on Bone Density in Postmenopausal Women

Lee EN

  • Asian Nurs Res.
  • 2019 May;13(2):161-167.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.anr.2019.04.002
PURPOSE: This study aimed to identify the effect of parity and breastfeeding duration and the occurrence of lumbar vertebral and femoral neck osteoporosis in Korean postmenopausal women. METHODS: This study analyzed...
Breastfeeding Experiences of Taiwanese Mothers of Infants with Breastfeeding or Breast Milk Jaundice in Certified Baby-Friendly Hospitals

Chu KH, Sheu SJ, Hsu MH, Liao J, Chien LY

  • Asian Nurs Res.
  • 2019 May;13(2):154-160.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.anr.2019.04.003
PURPOSE: The purpose was to explore the breastfeeding experiences of mothers of infants with breast-feeding or breast milk jaundice. METHODS: In-depth qualitative interviews and content analysis were conducted with nine mothers...
Psychological Distress among Adolescents in Laos, Mongolia, Nepal, and Sri Lanka

Lee H, Lee EY, Greene B, Shin YJ

  • Asian Nurs Res.
  • 2019 May;13(2):147-153.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.anr.2019.04.001
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to explore psychological distress and examine the relationship between this distress and individual, family, and school factors among adolescents in four low- and...
Metabolic Syndrome in South Korean Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A Focus on Gender Differences

Kim J, Yoo JY, Kim HS

  • Asian Nurs Res.
  • 2019 May;13(2):137-146.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.anr.2019.03.002
PURPOSE: This study investigated the relationship between chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and metabolic syndrome (MetS), focusing on gender differences and using large-scale data on the Korean general population. METHODS: The...
Patient Participation in Patient Safety and Its Relationships with Nurses' Patient-Centered Care Competency, Teamwork, and Safety Climate

Hwang JI, Kim SW, Chin HJ

  • Asian Nurs Res.
  • 2019 May;13(2):130-136.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.anr.2019.03.001
PURPOSE: This study's aim was to examine degrees of patient participation in patient safety activities in hospitals and to investigate their relationships with nurses' patient-centered care competency (PCC), teamwork, and...
Pregnancy and Childbirth Experiences of Women with Epilepsy: A Phenomenological Approach

Joung WJ

  • Asian Nurs Res.
  • 2019 May;13(2):122-129.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.anr.2019.02.005
PURPOSE: This study sought to understand and describe the pregnancy and childbirth experiences of women with epilepsy (WWE). METHODS: Datawere collected from 2016e2017 through in-depth individual interviews with 12 WWE who...
Development of Strategic Plans for Advancing Nursing in Korea

Oh EG, Jang Y, Park J, Lee H, Kim H, Min A, Kim S, Kwon Y

  • Asian Nurs Res.
  • 2019 May;13(2):115-121.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.anr.2019.02.003
PURPOSE: The aim of the study is to evaluate the current and prospective status of nursing in Korea and develop a strategic framework and plan to accommodate the increased demands...
Effects of Multidisciplinary Team-Based Nurse-led Transitional Care on Clinical Outcomes and Quality of Life in Patients With Ankylosing Spondylitis

Liang L, Pan Y, Wu D, Pang Y, Xie Y, Fang H

  • Asian Nurs Res.
  • 2019 May;13(2):107-114.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.anr.2019.02.004
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of transitional care by a nurse-led multidisciplinary team (MDT) on clinical outcomes and quality of life of patients with...
Establishment of Normative Self-Rated Health Status Data and Association between Ideal Life Expectancy and Social Wellness of General Population in Korea

Lee J, Sim JA, Kim JW, Yun YH

  • Asian Nurs Res.
  • 2019 May;13(2):99-106.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.anr.2019.02.002
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to establish normative data for holistic health parameters in the general Korean population and to investigate the factor associated with ideal life expectancy...
Association between Delayed Lactogenesis II and Early Milk Volume among Mothers of Preterm Infants

Yu X, Li J, Lin X, Luan D

  • Asian Nurs Res.
  • 2019 May;13(2):93-98.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.anr.2019.02.001
PURPOSE: This study aimed to evaluate the effect of delayed lactogenesis II on early milk volume in mothers expressing milk for their preterm infants. METHODS: 142 mothers with preterm infants participated...

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