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Development and Cross-Validation of the Short Form of the Cultural Competence Scale for Nurses

Chae D, Park Y

  • Asian Nurs Res.
  • 2018 Mar;12(1):69-76.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.anr.2018.02.004
PURPOSE: To develop and validate the short form of the Korean adaptation of the Cultural Competence Scale for Nurses. METHODS: To shorten the 33-item Cultural Competence Scale for Nurses, an expert...
An Interpretative Study on Nurses' Perspectives of Working in an Overcrowded Emergency Department in Taiwan

Chen LC, Lin CC, Han CY, Hsieh CL, (Jo) Wu CJ, Liang HF

  • Asian Nurs Res.
  • 2018 Mar;12(1):62-68.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.anr.2018.02.003
PURPOSE: This study aims to gain in-depth understanding of nurses' perspectives of working in an overcrowded emergency. METHODS: Symbolic interactionism and Charmaz's construction of grounded theory were used. Purposive sampling at...
The Moderating Role of LeadereMember Exchange in the Relationships Between Emotional Labor and Burnout in Clinical Nurses

Lee EK, Ji EJ

  • Asian Nurs Res.
  • 2018 Mar;12(1):56-61.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.anr.2018.02.002
PURPOSE: This study aimed to identify the moderating effect of leader—member exchange in the relationship between emotional labor and burnout among clinical nurses. METHODS: A cross-sectional study design was used. Participants...
Prevalence and Influencing Factors of Metabolic Syndrome Among Persons with Physical Disabilities

Jeong J, Yu J

  • Asian Nurs Res.
  • 2018 Mar;12(1):50-55.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.anr.2018.02.001
PURPOSE: Metabolic syndrome is an important cluster of coronary heart disease risk factors. However, it remains unclear to what extent metabolic syndrome is associated with demographic and potentially modifiable lifestyle...
Burnout Study of Clinical Nurses in Vietnam: Development of Job Burnout Model Based on Leiter and Maslach's Theory

Nguyen HT, Kitaoka K, Sukigara M, Thai AL

  • Asian Nurs Res.
  • 2018 Mar;12(1):42-49.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.anr.2018.01.003
PURPOSE: This study aimed to create a Vietnamese version of both the Maslach Burnout Inventory-General Survey (MBI-GS) and Areas of Worklife Scale (AWS) to assess the burnout state of Vietnamese...
The Experience of Paid Family-Care Workers of People with Dementia in South Korea

Kim J, De Bellis , Xiao LD

  • Asian Nurs Res.
  • 2018 Mar;12(1):34-41.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.anr.2018.01.002
PURPOSE: The South Korean government introduced the universal long-term care insurance program in 2008 that created a new employment category of “paid family-care worker” to assist the elderly with chronic...
Influencing Factors and Consequences of Workplace Bullying among Nurses: A Structural Equation Modeling

Yun S, Kang J

  • Asian Nurs Res.
  • 2018 Mar;12(1):26-33.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.anr.2018.01.004
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to build and test a model outlining the factors related to workplace bullying among nurses. The hypothesized model included authentic leadership and a...
The Effects of an Interactive Nursing Skills Mobile Application on Nursing Students' Knowledge, Self-efficacy, and Skills Performance: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Kim H, Suh EE

  • Asian Nurs Res.
  • 2018 Mar;12(1):17-25.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.anr.2018.01.001
PURPOSE: Clinical nursing practice is important because it helps nursing students experience realities of clinical nursing that cannot be learned through theoretical education. This study aimed to evaluate the effect...
Contributions and Limitations of National Cervical Cancer Screening Program in Korea: A Retrospective Observational Study

Lee JH, Kim H, Choi H, Jeong H, Ko Y, Shim SH, Lee E, Chae SH

  • Asian Nurs Res.
  • 2018 Mar;12(1):9-16.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.anr.2017.12.002
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the contributions and limitations of the cervical cancer screening test with accuracy in Korea. METHODS: This was a retrospective observational study. The...
Effect of Structured Bed Exercise on Uterine Contractions, Fetal Heart Rate Patterns, and Maternal Psychophysical Symptoms of Hospitalized High-Risk Pregnant Women: A Randomized Control Trial

Kim YJ, Park YJ

  • Asian Nurs Res.
  • 2018 Mar;12(1):1-8.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.anr.2017.12.003
PURPOSE: This study examined the effect on uterine contraction frequency (UCF), blood pressure (BP), heart rate (HR), fetal heart rate (FHR) patterns and psychophysical symptoms (physical discomfort, anxiety, and depression)...

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