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Corrigendum: Factors Influencing Breast Symptoms in Breastfeeding Women After Cesarean Section Delivery [Asian Nursing Research 5 (2011) 88-98]

Hsien CF, Fu JC, Long CY, Lin HS

  • Asian Nurs Res.
  • 2011 Sep;5(3):196-196.
No abstract available.
Prevalence and Risk Factors of Adolescents Smoking: Difference Between Korean and Korean-Chinese

Park SE, Yoon SN, Yi Y, Cui W, Nam B

  • Asian Nurs Res.
  • 2011 Sep;5(3):189-195.
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to compare smoking prevalence and risk factors of smoking between Korean and Korean-Chinese middle school students. METHODS: Data was collected from seventh and eighth...
Psychometric Evaluation of Hill-Bone Medication Adherence Subscale

Song Y, Han HR, Song HJ, Nam S, Nguyen T, Kim MT

  • Asian Nurs Res.
  • 2011 Sep;5(3):183-188.
PURPOSE: Medication adherence is an essential part of the management and control of high blood pressure (HBP). Although the Hill-Bone Medication Adherence (HBMA) scale is one of the most frequently...
Adaptation of Questionnaire Measuring Working Conditions and Health Problems Among Iranian Nursing Personnel

Arsalani N, Fallahi-khoshknab M, Ghaffari M, Josephson , Lagerstrom M

  • Asian Nurs Res.
  • 2011 Sep;5(3):177-182.
PURPOSE: To adapt a questionnaire in the Persian language measuring working conditions and health problems among nursing personnel. A further aim was to test the validity and reliability of the...
Experience and Perception of Sexual Harassment During the Clinical Practice of Korean Nursing Students

Lee SK, Song JE, Kim S

  • Asian Nurs Res.
  • 2011 Sep;5(3):170-176.
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to identify the experience and perception of sexual harassment during the clinical practice of Korean nursing students. METHODS: The descriptive study was conducted using...
Factors Related to Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Among Older Korean Chinese With Hypertension

Li CY, Han HR, Kim J, Kim MT

  • Asian Nurs Res.
  • 2011 Sep;5(3):164-169.
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to assess the prevalence of cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors among older Korean Chinese with hypertensiondone of the most underserved and understudied ethnic...
Breast Cancer Screening Practice and Health-Promoting Behavior Among Chinese Women

Kim JI, Oh KO, Li CY, Min HS, Chang ES, Song R

  • Asian Nurs Res.
  • 2011 Sep;5(3):157-163.
PURPOSE: This study examined breast cancer screening practice and health promoting behaviors and the predicting factors of breast cancer screening practice in Chinese women. METHODS: A correlational research design was used...
Health Beliefs Concerning Breast Self-examination of Nurses in Turkey

Tastan S, Iyigun E, Kilic A, Unver V

  • Asian Nurs Res.
  • 2011 Sep;5(3):151-156.
PURPOSE: The purpose of the study was to evaluate the health beliefs regarding breast self-examination (BSE) and their relationship with age, educational status and history of breast cancer in the...

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