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A Case of Ant Sting by Crematogaster Matsumurai Vagala

Kang JD, Kim SJ, Youn NH, Kim BJ, Park SD

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 2004 Jun;16(2):87-89.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.2004.16.2.87
Reactions from stinging insects are significant to dermatologists because of the wide variety of clinical presentations from mild local reaction to severe anaphylactic reaction. Although ant sting commonly occurs, it has...
A Case of Impetigo Herpetiformis

Lee JH, Kim MY, Kim HO, Park YM

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 2004 Jun;16(2):83-86.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.2004.16.2.83
Impetigo herpetiformis is a rare pustular disorder that primarily affects pregnant women. A 31 year-old woman at 37 weeks and 4 days' gestation of 3rd pregnancy presented with pruritic multiple...
A Case of Porokeratosis Palmaris et Plantaris Disseminata

Jeong YI, Lee DP, Chang SE, Lee MW, Choi JH, Moon KC, Koh JK

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 2004 Jun;16(2):79-82.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.2004.16.2.79
Porokeratosis is a group of disorders characterized by epidermal keratinization associated with cornoid lamella. Porokeratosis has been described as having five distinct clinical subtypes: Mibelli or plaque type, disseminated superficial...
A Case of Cutaneous Horn Arising from Dermatofibroma

Seo YJ, Ryu JH, Kim KH, Kim KJ

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 2004 Jun;16(2):76-78.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.2004.16.2.76
Cutaneous horn is a clinical diagnosis based upon the presence of a large protuberant mass of keratin. We report a case of cutaneous horn arising from dermatofibroma in a 31-year...
A Case of Idiopathic Lymphocytoma Cutis

Kim JE, Kim MY, Park YM, Kim HO

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 2004 Jun;16(2):71-75.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.2004.16.2.71
The pseudolymphoma of the skin has the architectural and cytological features of a neoplastic proliferation of lymphoid tissue but pursue a benign course. Cutaneous B cell pseudolymphoma (CBPL) shares many...
Two Cases of Cutaneous Cytomegalovirus Infection in Immunocompromised Patients

Park JH, Oh JJ, Lee ES

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 2004 Jun;16(2):67-70.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.2004.16.2.67
Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in immunocompromised patients. CMV can cause pneumonia, retinitis, gastrointestinal ulcers, and widely disseminated disease, but cutaneous CMV is rare. We...
Erythema Nodosum Probably Induced by Kerion Celsi

Park HS, Lee UH, Choi JC

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 2004 Jun;16(2):64-66.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.2004.16.2.64
A 6-year-old girl visited us with a 4-week history of inflammatory, pustular, tender patches and plaques on the scalp, and a 3-day history of multiple, erythematous, indurated, tender, subcutaneous nodules...
A Case of Isolated Epidermolytic Acanthoma

Choi HJ, Han SS, Chang SE, Lee MW, Choi JH, Moon KC, Koh JK

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 2004 Jun;16(2):61-63.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.2004.16.2.61
Epidermolytic acanthoma is a rare benign tumor, which may occur in both isolated and disseminated forms. Clinically, this asymptomatic lesion resembles a verruca or molluscum. Histopathologically, it is characterized by...
Central Trichoptilosis Associated with Trichorrhexis Nodosa and Pili Torti

Chun DK, Park HS, Choi JC

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 2004 Jun;16(2):57-60.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.2004.16.2.57
A 12-year-old girl presented with a 1-week duration of hair loss associated with splitting of the hair ends and whitish dots on the occipital hairs. On microscopic examination, a longitudinal...
Multiple and Recalcitrant Warts Treated with Oral Acitretin

Kim H, Suhr KB, Lee JH, Park JK

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 2004 Jun;16(2):52-58.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.2004.16.2.52
BACKGROUND: Acitretin, a synthetic retinoid, has been used to treat patients with psoriasis, Darier's disease, ichthyosis, keratosis pilaris etc. Some trials have suggested that oral acitretin may be useful for...
Effects of Ascorbic Acid on Keratinocyte and Epidermalization of Skin

Park KC, Choi HR, Cho HJ, Kim SK, Kwon SB, Kim DS, Cho YJ, Yoon SW

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 2004 Jun;16(2):45-51.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.2004.16.2.45
BACKGROUND: There are different models of skin substitutes, but no skin substitutes have the characteristics of native skin. It was reported that the incubation of skin substitutes in medium containing...

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