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Cutaneous Metastasis of Pancreatic Carcinoma by Percutaneous Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy

Kim JH, Lee MH, Haw CR

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 1995 Apr;7(2):206-209.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.1995.7.2.206
The cutaneous metastasis of pancreatic carcinoma by this technique is rarely reported in the literature. A 67-year-old woman was evaluated for left-sided abdominal pain and a palpable abdominal mass. Abdominal CT...
Three Cases of Neutrophilic Eccrine Hidradenitis

Suh HS, Yoon MS, Choi JH, Sung KJ, Koh JK

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 1995 Apr;7(2):200-205.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.1995.7.2.200
Neutrophilic eccrine hidradenitis(NEH) was originally described in 1982 by Harrist et al. in a patient with myelogenous leukemia receiving chemotherapy. Clinically NEH represents various cutaneous manifestations with or without tenderness...
Giant Paget's Disease of the Breast

Baek SH, Kim NI, Haw CR

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 1995 Apr;7(2):197-199.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.1995.7.2.197
No abstract available.
A Case of Eccrine Poroma and Distribution of Epithelial Membrane Antigen

Park ES, Jung JB, Kwon KY

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 1995 Apr;7(2):192-196.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.1995.7.2.192
No abstract available.
Disseminated Epidermolytic Acanthoma

Kim HJ, Lee HG, Kim JM, Lee ES

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 1995 Apr;7(2):189-191.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.1995.7.2.189
We report a case of disseminated epidermolytic acanthoma in a 69-year-old male who presented numerous, small dark brown verrucous papules on both popliteal fossae, inguinal areas, and abdomen. Although each...
Spiny Keratoderma on the Digit

Choi GS, Lee SH

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 1995 Apr;7(2):186-188.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.1995.7.2.186
A few cases of a dermatosis characterized by "music box spine" keratotic papules limited to the palms and soles have been reported. There have been several names for this dermatosis...
A Case of Dermatomyofibroma

Kim KH, Kim JM, Lee ES

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 1995 Apr;7(2):181-185.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.1995.7.2.181
Dermatomyofibroma, first described by Kamino et al in 1992, is a rare plaque-like proliferation of fibroblasts and myofibroblasts of the skin. The lesion is a solitary plaque resembling a keloid...
Congential Self-Healing Histiocytosis

Paik HS, Yang HY, Park CK

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 1995 Apr;7(2):177-180.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.1995.7.2.177
A case of congenital self-healing histiocytosis was studied with S-100 antibody and electron microscopy. Many tumor cells were positive for S-100 protein and a few contained Birbeck´s grandles and dense...
Cutaneous Lesion due to Mycobacterium Fortuitum

Hong SH, Song HJ, Lee BH, Oh CH

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 1995 Apr;7(2):172-176.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.1995.7.2.172
Nontuberculous mycobacteria usually cause systemic disease and often appear as a primary pulmonary infection. However, a cutaneous lesion may be the first or only sign of infection. The most frequent...
Enhanced Expression of Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen in Psoriatic Epidermis

Hwang SW

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 1995 Apr;7(2):169-171.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.1995.7.2.169
BACKGROUND: The proliferating cell nuclear antigen(PCNA), one of the markers for proliferating cells, has been detected in solid human neoplasms. Psoriasis is a benign hyperproliferative disorder of the skin. OBJECTIVE: This...
Histopathologic Resemblance of Ovarian Dermoid Cyst to Various Skin Tumors

Hwang SW, Lee KM

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 1995 Apr;7(2):165-168.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.1995.7.2.165
BACKGROUND: The wall of ovarian dermoid cysts shows various kinds of morphologic patterns. Some of them resemble the features of epidermal and epidermal appendageal tumors. OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study...
Differences in the Recovery Rate after Perturbation of Epidermal Barrier by Means of Acetone Treatment and Tape-Stripping Technique

Chung HS, Lee SH

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 1995 Apr;7(2):155-164.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.1995.7.2.155
BACKGROUND: The epidermal permeability barrier necessary for terrestrial life resides in the intercellular spaces of the stratum corneum and is composed of lipids. OBJECTIVE: Since strrtum corneum lipid may be important...
A Study on Dietary Intake Behavior of Behçet's Disease Patients

Lee ES, Cho YH, Lee SH, Bang D, Lee S, Moon SJ, Jeon HJ

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 1995 Apr;7(2):150-154.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.1995.7.2.150
BACKGROUND: The etiology of Behçet's disease(BD) is not yet certain, and various hypotheses are suggested. In order to determine the role of dietary intake behavior in the pathogenesis of BD,...
The Effect of Topical Indomethacin and Topical Corticosteroid on UVB Induced Erythema

Cho MK, Kim YK, Whang KU, Jung H

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 1995 Apr;7(2):144-149.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.1995.7.2.144
BACKGROUND: Indomethacin is a potent inhibitor of prostaglandins biosysnthesis. Sunburn erythema is mainly mediated by prostaglandins. OBJECTIVE: Our purpose was to compare objectively the effectiveness of topical indomethacin with topical corticosteroid...
Analysis of Ultraviolet Light Damage in Mammalian Cells by Flowcytometry

Kim KH, Park KC

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 1995 Apr;7(2):138-143.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.1995.7.2.138
BACKGROUND: Recently the sensitive measurement of radiation damage to DNA using flowcytometric analysis of nucleoid preparations was reported which allows an analysis of damage within the DNA of single cells....
Variations of the Transposition Flap for Facial Reconstruction after Mohs Micrographic Surgery of the Basal Cell Carcinoma

Lee MJ, Whang KK

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 1995 Apr;7(2):134-137.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.1995.7.2.134
BACKGROUND: The transposition flap is one of the most useful methods of facial reconstruction after Mohs micrographic surgery of the basal cell carcinoma, but occasionally some variations are needed. OBJECTIVE: We...
A Study of Subclinical Extension of Basal Cell Carcinoma by Mohs Micrographic Surgery

Joh GY, Nam JT, Yoon JH, Kim KH, Baek CH, Ahn HC, Kim SK

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 1995 Apr;7(2):127-133.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.1995.7.2.127
BACKGROUND: Basal cell carcinoma(BCC) is the most common primary cutaneous neoplasm in Korea. Since the majority of BCCs occur on the head and neck and the goal of the BCC...
Immunohistochemical Study of Fibrohistiocytic Tumors of the Skin

Cho KH, Lee DY, Moon SE, Kim CW

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 1995 Apr;7(2):121-126.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.1995.7.2.121
BACKGROUND: Histologic distinction between various fibrohistiocytic tumors of the skin may sometimes be difficult. Recently, several immunohistochemical markers of "histiocytes and "facultative fibroblasts" have been introduced and used for the...
Basal Cell Carcinoma and Actinic Keratosis Treated with Intralesional Injection of Recombinant Alpha-2 Interferon

Cho SI, Cho YW, Hong CK, Song KY, Ro BI

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 1995 Apr;7(2):116-120.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.1995.7.2.116
BACKGROUND: The effects of intralesional recombinant alpha-2 interferon(IFN) in the treatment of basal cell carcinoma(BCC) and actinic keratosis(AK) would be of value in selected patients. OBJECTIVE: Our purpose is to evaluate...
Comparison of PUVA and Retinoid-PUVA in the Treatment of Psoriasis in Korean Patients

Koh WS, Youn JI

  • Ann Dermatol.
  • 1995 Apr;7(2):112-115.
  • doi: 10.5021/ad.1995.7.2.112
BACKGROUND: Although treament with PUVA or etretinate is effective for psoriasis, both treatment regimens have limitation because of the risk of long-term toxicity. OBJECTIVE: The present study was performed to compare...

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