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The variation of theophylline clearance with concurrent herb medication

Jee YK, Kim YY, Cho SH, Min KU, Kim HS, Lee MH, Rheu YM

  • Allergy.
  • 1994 Sep;14(3):329-332.
Theophylline undergoes extensive metabo lism(above about 80% of total dose)and is also excreted as aparent drug through kid ney(below about 15% of total dose). The metabolism of theophylline involves hepatic...
A Case of Erythema Multiforme Like Eruption Associated with Hepatitis B Vaccination

Park YM, Kim JW, Kim SY, Shin HM

  • Allergy.
  • 1994 Sep;14(3):323-328.
Erythema multiforme is an acute, self-limited syndrome with distinctive skin lesions. Hundreds of factors causing ery.thema multiforme are summarized to several categories;infections, drugs, vaccination, topical agents, collagen diseases, malignancy, physical...
Reactive airway dysfunction syndrome(RADS) following single exposure to irritant gases including isocyanate

Park HS

  • Allergy.
  • 1994 Sep;14(3):318-322.
Reactive airway dysfunction syndrome (RADS) has been defined as a development of permanant asthmatic symptoms after a single massive exposure to an irritant, such as gas, vapor, aerosol, fume or...
The Prevalence of Sensitivity to Sulfiting Agents in Patients with Bronchial Asthma

Yoon HJ, Jee YK, Kim YY, Cho SH, Min KU

  • Allergy.
  • 1994 Sep;14(3):311-317.
Sulfiting agents, including sulfur dioxide and several forms of inorganic sulfites may be added to many foods and medicines as antioxidants and preservatives. Ingestion of sulfiting agents have been reported...
Clinical Observation on Summer Ashma in Korea

Hong CS, Ku BK, Nahm DH

  • Allergy.
  • 1994 Sep;14(3):304-310.
We observed the clinical pictures of the patients with recurrent asthmatic attacks during summer from June to September visiting the Allergy Clinic of Severance Hospital in Yonsei University College of...
Characteristics of Patients with old age-onset Asthma

Kim YK, Cho SH, Jee YK, Yoon HJ, Min KU, Kim YY

  • Allergy.
  • 1994 Sep;14(3):297-303.
Asthma is a disease commonly encountered in the clinical practice of medicine, with a prevalence in the general population of approximately 3%. Up to 85% of asthmatic individuals experience their...
Comparison of cetirizine and terfenadine in the treatmebt of perennial rhinitis

Kim YY, Cho SH, Min KU

  • Allergy.
  • 1994 Sep;14(3):289-296.
A double blind placebo controlled cross over study was carried out in 60 patients with perennial rhinitis to assess the efficacy and safety of once daily 10mg eetiriz-ine and twice...
Spontaneous Histamine Release and Brochial Hyperreactivity in Allergic Asthma

Choi BW, Park IW, Kim YY, Nah MJ, Hue SH

  • Allergy.
  • 1994 Sep;14(3):279-288.
BACKGROUND: Increased responsiveness is suggested not only in airways but also in various systems such as mediator-releasing cells of patients with bronchial asthma. Controversy still remains about spontaneous histamine release...

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